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As we grow, we learn to become leaders. Being a leader is natural for some, and learned for others.  No matter how we have become a leader, it is important to remember we must lead ourselves before we lead others. Take the time to motivate yourself and realize that you can do it.

With our “Self-Leadership” course, the participants will discover the specifics of how to be a better leader for themselves and for others. The participants will be able to guide themselves in positives ways, which equals success!

  Course Objectives:

  • Understand what self-leadership is
  • Motivate yourself
  • Set goals
  • Reward yourself when positive things happen
  • Think positively

Comments (6)

  1. hamdan AlAhmad AL Okleh :

    I hope that I will try to get out of this course with a practical benefit that will positively reflect on my field of work in education

    • Maximal e-Learning :

      We wish you the best of luck, please let us know if we can assist you in any way! Happy learning!

  2. Jamal :

    Thanks for the program

    • Maximal e-Learning :

      Thank you Jamal, hope you enjoyed it!

  3. Rabea ALkadri :

    thanks for the program

    • Maximal e-Learning :

      We hope you enjoy it!

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